East Air's e-Commerce strategy has brought us new opportunities. Our developing presence in the electronic marketplace will give us the ability to broaden our scope and form strategic partnerships with technology companies. These relationships will provide our customers with a greater selection of quality products at a lower cost.

Our fifty years of experience has taught us that the aviation industry will continue to undergo changes as technology continues to advance. We are committed to adapting to the new technologies and to changing customer expectations.

The Internet is perhaps the most revolutionary business innovation to ever influence the aviation industry. East Air embraces this revolution and is strategically positioned to take full advantage of its benefits and offer our customers state-of-the-art products and services.

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East Air is seeking to establish strategic relationships with organizations that share our conservative corporate philosophy, high ethical business standards, and our long-term commitment to providing personal and consistent customer service. If you believe our organizations can mutually benefit from developing a strategic alliance, please fill in the following brief questionnaire and an East Air representative will contact you to discuss potential synergies.

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